When do your cockerels crow?!

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    Aug 17, 2011
    I have a hypothesis that the time a rooster crows in the morning is directly correllated to the amount of light the animal associates with "night time" "morning time" and "day time", the factor of whether there are other roosters within "crowing range", and the time of day these other roosters may crow. In the interest of science, I'd like to test this with a little survey. I'm a prevet/predental/premed major, so I'm kind of a nerd for science. Please humor me [​IMG]

    1. Do you live in the inner city, a town or less densely lit city, the suburbs, or the country? Answer in terms of how much ambient light (like street lights, signs, etc) your chickens see or receive. (Basically, at night, how many of the stars can you see, and how many are blocked out by the "light noise" is a good indicator if what I mean by ambient light.)
    2. How many roosters do you have? About what time do they start crowing? Do you notice patterns of "Back-and-forth" crowing between your own roosters?
    3. Are there other roosters that are not yours that you can hear crowing in the vicinity of your chicken yard? If so, about when do you guess they start crowing, and do you notice "Back-and-forth" behavior?
    4. Where had your rooster lived most of his life? Was he born in the country, and adopted in his older age into the suburbs? Or has he only known the depths of the inner city his whole life?

    Here's a sample answer, using my rooster.
    1. I live in the inner city. It is hard to see all but the very bright stars on a normal night, and there is a lot of ambient light around.
    2. I have one rooster. He begins crowing at around 4:30 am.
    3. My across the street neighbor owns a rooster as well. He crows beginning around 4:30 as well, possibly a little later. I notice back-and-forth crowing between them in the morning and all day as well.
    4. My rooster was born in an area of lower ambient light, in the more country part of the suburbs. He has lived there the larger part of his life, and was adopted in older age into the inner city.

    Please help me! I'll publish the results in some graphs when I have a few responses. [​IMG]
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    1. Live in the country - no yard or security lights.
    2. 9 roosters aged from 2 months to 1 year. They start about 4:30, unless a full moon like now they start earlier. My two 1 year olds go back and forth. My two banty 4 month olds also go back and forth. No one else has much to say.
    3.No other roos.
    4. All of mine have lived their whole life here.

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