When does a Polish Bantam become a fertile roo?

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  1. When does a Polish Bantam become a fertile roo? My Afroman is 10 months old, But still has not produced a fertile egg. He's got 13 chickens all to himself and I've collected eggs everyday from the ladies set them to the bator and still yet to find a fertile one by the 4th day. Is something wrong with my roo. He tries alot. My chickens are also 10 months old and are all Rhode Island Red and 1 Americana. All my chickens have been laying for a while now.
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    he should have WHAT it takes to make fertile eggs. Maybe he is not HITTING the right SPOT?
  3. Thats what I thought also. He tries so hard. Could it be a need a larger roo, since he's not as big as my rir's. I had silkies up to a month ago, they were all males 4 of them and they had no problems at all. I had to give them away they were tearing the hens up. But I kept the 1 roo, My Polish Bantam, he was also the quietest one.

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