When does the chick(or duck) starter stop?

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12 Years
May 24, 2011
On, Canada
My mucovies are 3wks as of yesterday how much longer do i continue feeding the chick starter(unmedicated) My feed supply says, 4wks is this accurate. TY!
I would say at least 10 weeks old and then you can switch to the grower/finisher and then to lay pellets at 5 months old. What brand feed do you feed them?
I have them still on started there 5 wks on Tuesday June 7th.. i actually lucked out and found a duck starter by purina.. the other was an unmedicated chick starter... i had to get a BIG bag though so i hope it'll be ok to just run that till the end..... but i should comment we have different availablity of products here ...

Ok just went and read it lol
Golden Duck Startena is what the feed is.
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