When Guineas attack!

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  1. inthesticks

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    Jul 24, 2012
    My baby has been attacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (photos)
    My favorite JB roo is in the recovery pen, inside, after a horrible attack from one mean Guinea
    I can't exactly see the actual main wound on his head but I'm thinking the dang Guinea severed part of the base of the comb near his neck & scraped some flesh off the last comb point & skull as well
    Don't want to move it too much due to the amount of blood.
    & poked a shallow hole in his back, near the base of his tail [​IMG][​IMG] It happened at some point today & I could only catch him @ dusk. Horrible site indeed my handsome man covered in red running in the snow

    After cleaning him up as best I could for right now I ended up having to corn starch him to get the bleeding to stop. Going out in the AM so I will be getting some real clotting stuff & a few other items.
    This comes completely out of the blue, yest I saw a guinea hold onto one of the hen's tail feathers, but it was right @ feeding time, so I dismissed it, as they ALL get into little tizzies when it comes to food. [​IMG]

    Anyone else have any similar situations? How did you help your hen/roo out?
    I was able to top the bleeding w/ the corn starch & after a few hours he is now settling down to go to sleep (way past his bedtime now)

    Pardon his comb - he evaded me on vaseline day. He'll be inside for a few days to recover then will get slathered up real good. ****Oh yeah.... that guinea is getting taken care of... looks like I'll be cooking up something new this weekend -no room for bullies-
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    Apr 14, 2012
    Keep him warm and comfortable. I know that they can recover from having part of the comb torn off. I am sure that he will be fine, but he will need lovings!
  3. CottonGinWaste

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    Dec 26, 2012
    Mobile, AL
    I keep Chlorhexidine soap and rinse on hand, got small bottles of each from my vet for chicken traumas. Apply copious antibiotic ointment twice a day after cleaning; use warm water and a paper towel if nothing else. I'm not a fan of peroxide as its cytotoxic. Electrolytes in the water. He should be fine; chickens heal despite losing massive chunks of flesh.

    I've heard guinea fowel do NOT like roosters. I only keep 1 adult rooster, and my 6 guineas and he free range over 1 acre so confrontations are very brief (he runs - no fool he). They do not share a coop.
  4. inthesticks

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    Jul 24, 2012
    I have over 30 chickens/ducks/guineas & they get to roam 2 acres. Since the past few days have been single digits & teens - they haven't really wanted to venture out of the fowl yard. The extra closeness & they all want the extra feed I'm putting out got them all angry. No problems till this, however It will not be tolerated since my Japanese Bantam hens & roos stick to themselves ALL the time & run away from anything bigger than them! His short little legs got the best of him this time. As for the guineas I have 2 males & 2 females, one of the males is the culprit so he wont be missed.

    tomorrow we'll see about lightly patting the areas to clean up the cornstarch & put on a nice gooey layer of neosporin & if it's still too soon then back to cornstarch
    I hope I remember this good clotting medicine I used to keep on hand when I had horses back in the day I wanna say it was an antiseptic too??? Been years

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