When/How to trim a bird w/scissor beak's beak?


7 Years
Sep 13, 2015
My sweet little personality girl, Muffin has scissor beak and has all her life. Just wondering I have heard they will need trimmed and hers is starting to look a little abnormally long, not terrible just abnormal. Does anyone have a picture or something of when they should be trimmed? And how would I go about doing this? Thanks!

P.s: I can get a pic tomorrow if need be:)
I use a pedi paw dog trimmer for the nails,sure it wouldn’t hurt to use it for the the beak.I like it better then using razors and etc.
It just seems like it hurts to me.The pedi paw is just a sand paper thing on a motor going around and around,basically a nail filler.I even used it on my nails just to see what they were gonna feel.
I don't think age matters. Just how the beak itself is doing, as in how long it is and such. I will have to get some pics of her beak..

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