When is a coop a home?

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    Jul 1, 2011
    So, I'm thinking about decorating, starting with the outside. Adding chicken friendly plants, maybe a crazy box for toys. Haven't planned out the stained glass pieces yet, but just because I'm feeling a bit whimsical, decided to print out the poem I wrote and will etch it into wood for a chicken sign. Maybe break it down into two. Probably doesn't matter. I'm guessing the chickens will roost on them and render them unreadable anyway. Including the poem, just to get a smile from you..

    Oh chicken, chicken in my yard
    promise me you will discard
    fruits of labor in a nest
    while I wipe my brow then rest
    from this fancy coop designed
    with your happiness in mind.
    Fruits of labor, tell me when
    I can count the eggs - you are a hen?
    Distractions: beak on downy ball -
    whirl of motion three inches tall.
    Eating machine, let no man assume
    they not be snack had you but room.
    Oh chicken, chicken on my land
    once clueless, now I understand
    what you drop beyond the egg
    is the best of what politicians crave.

    Simplicity: practical notion,
    bit of seed in hand
    blurred color in motion.

    Oh chicken, chicken, in my yardÂ…

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