When is it safe to move a sitting chicken?


Apr 22, 2015
Our Bantum broody girl has sat on 11 adopted eggs for 3 weeks on Monday. Her chosen nest box is raised by 2ft and we know if any hatched chicks leave it they'll never get back

We have a box that we'll put on the coop floor (she is by herself) to place her + eggs in and are worried she might get frightened of the changes not sit on them

If you have an incubator, then take a chance move her, otherwise maybe put a mesh wire cover the bottom of the nest box door so the chicks can't get out. Then once they all hatch, move them then.

Good luck!
At this point, I would not move them. You don't want to mess with them this close to hatching. When they first hatch, they don't get too far from under the hen anyway. I agree with the above poster - just put something across the bottom to form a lip so they don't accidentally fall out.
Leave her alone until she hatches and decides to leave the nest. The babies will make that little drop just fine, then Momma will likely just decide to brood them on the ground. If she's bound and determined after they hatch to use the elevated nest box, it shouldn't be hard to find something to make steps or a ramp for the littles. You'd be amazed how high new chicks can hop/flap/jump.
Thank you Donrae for the helpful advice and the comforting words to us Bobbi-j we'll just have to wait
. I'm not very good at waiting, hurry up Barnvelder babies

Will let you guys know
they aren't her eggs and they were sent by post which I understand reduces successful hatching to 50%

So hey ho fingers x'd
Yea 2 beautiful chicks 9 possibles to go :)
now I'm trying to post a photo and failing dismally :(

lets hope they keep coming, oh didnt move them. Theyre still in the nest box they is an alternative box there waitin;)g if Smokey the broody wants to move!
Well 7 beauties now, 1 had a cold and wet start but after a stint in the combination microwave on 'drying' is better now





didnt look good on the plate, more comfy in a towel ;)


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