When is it to hot to ship ??


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Hi I am thinking about buying some silkies but I dont want to ship them if there is a risk of the dying due to heat.
What are the temps that you think are to hot to ship in.

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The main thing I'm considering...is how hot it will be in the mail truck. There is little to no air movement in the back of the vehicle...so the temperature will be higher than the front of the truck where there is air movement.
Post office rules say 85 or below at both shipping and arrival locations. If you can drop off and pick up at the airport it is 1) a bit less expensive & 2) less transit time.

Picking up at the post office is the next best thing. I would not want shipped birds delivered to my home during the summer--it's just too hot; too much chance of death..
I would say it's too hot.

I got some silkies shipped to me about a week or two ago. And they were a day late. The post office man drove them to my house as soon as they came in, in the front of his car on his lunch break.

But even then it was VERY hot inside the box, and one of my splashes didn't make it. The air was just too hot.

I got refunded my shipping because they were late. But I'm still not sure if I would of bought them if I knew it was so hot inside there.
Hi! I'll have to check my records and contact the folks that got the eggs --- but I shipped eggs last year right through our 100+ degree heat wave.
I had a pen go 'infertile' from the heat --- but it wasn't a postal / shipping issue.
If your shipper:
-collects eggs often and stores cool til ready to wrap and pack.
-packs well with insulating bubblewrap,
-marks the box as 'perishable', 'protect from heat', etc.

Then hope the PO doesn't fall down on the job.

Thanks for all the replies I will contact the seller and she what she thinks.

Thanks dipsy for the info about eggs I will keep that in mind when I start shipping eggs.

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