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Apr 13, 2009
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to remove the chicks from the bator. This is my first time ever doing this and I am so nervous! I have one chick fully out, another almost out and a third pipped. The rest are kind of rocking a bit, or maybe my eyes are buggy from staring at this bator for so long! I am just curious when the right time is to take chicks out. Do I wait until they are all out or ........... you can tell I need help!!! Thanks in advance!
LOL ! I feel for ya ! I was there about 23 days ago...getting ready for next hatch...lockdown tomorrow!
I waited 24 hours to take mine out but you can wait at least 48 hours...they don't need food or water for a few days...I didn't open bater because I was afraid to SHRINK WRAP the ones that had pipped. Just SIT TIGHT! DONT OPEN BATER !!!! Just sit and watch "bater TV" with a cup of coffee and try to RELAX! It's a wonderful experience ! Congrats!
I wait until the hatch is over... or the third day... whichever is first.
Even if the hatch is quick, I usually leave them in until everyone is dry & fluffy.
Even when the chick that has hatched is flailing about and bumping into other eggs, is this okay? It won't hurt the eggs will it? Newbie here, sorry for the questions!

Thanks for the replies so far!
I usually leave them in until the hatch is over too. But I HAVE slipped a chick out of the incubator a time or two and spritzed warm water back into the incubator to keep the humidity up. I have only done that when the chick is particularily rowdy....usually it helps the other eggs to hatch if they have a kind of cheerleader, at least in my experience.
Oh, eggs coming this week. SF mixed eggs from Cloverleaf. Black cochin bantams from Scott. Ancona duck eggs from Dennis in ND.
Polish eggs from Brandon (bishopschickens) and just possibly some Lakenvelder(mix?) eggs from Sheila (easttxchick).
The button quail should be hatching soon...
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