when my hen go broody?


7 Years
May 19, 2012
when my hen go broody?? plz help me, my any hen never ever go broody. i've 5 ISA brown hens and all are laying regulary 5 to 6 eggs weekly. my friend told me you should buy an asil hen. so i bought asil hen and she start laying.today she laid her 6th egg in 10 days. so plz tell me plzzzzzzzzzzz thx in advance. pictures attached

Although ISA brown hens sometimes go broody, they do not do so very frequently. It is very likely that the Asil hen will go broody, but she will do so in her own good time. Some feel that allowing a hen to build a clutch of eggs will speed up the process.
ISA browns have had the desire to raise a family bred out of them.

Breeds that are setters usually don't start to set for at least a month after starting to lay - some not for a year.
The time of year matters too. They are more likely to during growing day length - spring and summer.

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