when should I put my chicks in with the adults

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May 3, 2015
I have a problem see I have 2 coops and an one of those coops .I have 6 chicks that will turn 7 weeks old tomorrow. But i also have 3 :)chicks inside that need to move in the coop there in so in order for that to happen the 6 week olds need to move in with adults. And i want to know if it is to soon to put them in the coop with the adults
I'm no professional, but I recently put my 6 wk olds with two adult chickens, they seemed to have figured out the pecking order after a only a few days, I'd say go for it.
It might work, it might not. How many adult birds do you have? How much room in the coop? The chicks will get beat on unmercifully if they don't have room to run and places to hide when the big girls get after them. You might lose a few if you don't prepare properly.

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