When should I start expecting/looking for eggs?


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May 20, 2012
Hi all! I have an assortment of chickens and would like to know from personal experience about when your chickens of the same breeds started laying. (I've had mixed info so I'm just curious when I need to start searching)
Also- any tips on how to get them to use the nest boxes you intend them to use? Does putting a golf ball in there actually help? I'll attach a pic of the coop inside.

Breeds are:

1 Red star
2 Black star
1 Buff orpington
1 Delaware
1 Barred Plymouth Rock

Thanks in advance! :)


There are three nesting boxes (on the left side) about 13.5 in square.
It can really vary a lot with each individual chicken. The breeds do have tendencies, but not all chickens within those breeds follow the tendencies.

It is possible a pullet could start laying at 16 weeks. I've had that happen, but not often at all.

With your breeds and six of them, I'd expect one to start laying maybe somewhere around 18 to 20 weeks. I'd think you might be getting three eggs a day by around 23 to 24 weeks. All will probably be laying by maybe 27 to 28 weeks. But this could vary either way and maybe by quite a bit. It is really very variable.

The gold ball does help. It's not a guarantee, but I very much believe it helps.
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Thanks! I guess I need to know what behaviors I should be looking for prior to egg laying- any advise?
The Red sex links will likely come first, followed by the Black sex links and so on down the line. 16 weeks is very, very early and only a few do that. Early onset of Point of Lay isn't all it's cracked up to be. By 24-26 most everyone will be laying.

Signs? Squatting, by some. This is assuming a position for breeding. Super red combs, wattles and sometimes faces as well. They'll be more curious about the nesting area as well. I don't normally allow them anywhere near the nests until 16 weeks. Golf balls or wooden eggs sometimes help, indeed.
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Ta Da!!! First Lay yesterday! Just a few days past 17 weeks :) So exciting! I'm betting it was this girl: Iron Man she's our Red Star. She's the only one that's been squatting so far.

I got my first egg at a few days over 18 weeks old. I have six that are laying age and they are now 23 weeks old. I get 3-4 eggs a day so I'm assuming one or two has yet to lay.

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