When should we feed our chicks grit?

May 16, 2020
Our chicks are at the point where they're about 1 week old (as it turns out, two of our chicks turned out being older, closer to two weeks!) and they're all getting their wing feathers (and the older two are developing tail feathers). They've been eating and drinking plenty, and we've even figured out what vegetables they like. Out of the three we've tried (shredded carrot, finely-chopped peppers, and broccoli) they love broccoli. In fact they love it SO much that they'll pick it out of any other vegetables they're offered. They're also spending time in their newly-built chicken coop! (they LOVE playing keep-away with worms they've managed to pull out of the dirt)
But there's one thing we need to know pretty soon: How soon should we be offering them grit?
And while I'm here, how soon should be offering our chicks the option of a dust bath?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
With love from the girls,
- Valentina
- Cluck Noris
- Chickety
- Tiny
- Unice
And the rest of us here in the Turner flock!


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:frow Hi and :welcome. Sounds like you are really enjoying your little chick-mates! Yes, you already have the answer to your question about grit. For any future chicks, the answer is to add chick grit before adding anything to their diet besides the chick starter. I like to add a bowl of grit on about day three after arrival. Then on Day Six I start offering crushed dried mealworms, a favorite treat, whenever I clean the brooder or change the water or feeder. This helps tame them and gets them used to me. I also use that opportunity to pick them up and check their bottoms for pasty butt, which can be deadly. The mealworms make everything fun and games!

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