when to boot the kids out?


6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
We bought 6 Rhode Island reds right before Easter and they have already outgrown their box. I am wondering if anyone in the Massachusetts area has any advice on when we would be able to safely put the gals outside ? We will be using part of our shed as their permanent coop but the night time temps are still pretty chilly ? Any advice would be appreciated.
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Welcome my friend! Easter was March 31st right? so that would make the babies about 3weeks, I usually stick to the general rule of thumb that they stay in the brooder until about 6 weeks or fully feathered Sometimes 8 weeks in very frigid areas. Um if you want to put them outside can you put a lamp on them at night? If not get a large card board box and make a bigger brooder that's what I did, then when all their feathers come in put them outside. I waited until 7 weeks just because it was going to a rough and raining April for my girls so they did just fine. Good luck with everything! And don't forget to post lots and lots of pictures!!!!!

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