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    I have a first-timer who is sitting on 3 eggs. I have been taking and eating her eggs until I notice she was starting to sit on the eggs. Im going to let her try and hatch these three but only if they are fertile. I have tried to see the "bulls-eye" on the yolk of the ones I eat but I have not seen it. She shares a space with two roosters but neither is particularly aggressive in the mating department, at least from what I have seen. Anyway, I am going to candle her eggs, and I want to do it sooner rather than later so she doesnt waste her time if they are not fertile.

    What day is the best day to see something by candling?

    I need some expertise advice on this for sure! Thanks to anyone who can offer a suggestion as to when and what to look for. Thanks again.
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    Candle around day 10 and you should be able to see veins by then and the little black spot wiggling around. Use a strong small flashlight or a candler and holding the egg big end up, point down, shine the light up through the pointy end. If you have other hens in with her you might want to mark these eggs so you don't have the problem I had. Other hens were laying in the same nest so now she's sitting on at least 18 eggs of all various stages. [​IMG] Good luck!
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    Oh that is great directions. Thank you. She is my only hen so no confusion. I will try and get some fertile eggs for her if these do not turn out to be such. She seems to really want to be a mama and has taken very good care of her eggs so far.

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