when to change chick starter to layer food

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  1. How old should the chickens be before I start them on Chick Layer food?

    Then after you feed them chick layer mash, after a year or 2, iono, is there another food you would give them or do they live off chick laying mash the rest of their life?
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    Chick starter for 6-8 weeks, then to grower feed til you see an egg....then layer pellet forever [​IMG]
  3. Cool alright then so if buffs start to lay eggs at 20-21 weeks, then the chart would be:

    Day Old - 6 to 8 Week Old = Chick Starter
    6 to 8 Week Old - 20 to 21 Weeks Old = Grower Feed
    20 to 21 Weeks Old - For Rest of their Lives = Layer Pellets

    Thank you for helping me!!!
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    Start layer feed @ 20 weeks or when you get your first egg, whichever comes first.
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    Everyone keeps mentioning this grower feed. I've not seen such a thing at the 3 feed stores I frequent. Only chick starter, layer, and all purpose so I've been wondering do you keep feeding chick starter, start feeding layer early, or feed the all purpose in place of grower?
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    My feed stores don't even have all purpose - it's chick starter and layer feed only! I plan to start them on layer feed when I see an egg....[​IMG]
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    Quote:When I look at my receipt for chick starter it actually says starter/grower, we don't get any separate grower up here any way.
  8. Well I will be starting Grower feed in 2 1/2 weeks but here is the problem, I have 2, 5 day olds, and 2, 3 1/2 week olds,

    So this is what I do with mine at 2 1/2 week old I put them in the coop, which is where my 3 1/2 week olds are, but I put them in the brooder at night until 3 1/2 weeks so I have no problem with keeping my younger chicks from eating the older chicks grower feed, but when they start going out of the brooder during the day what do I do???

    Sorry if that sounds confusing!..
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    Start and Grow is for both starting a growing, as it says. All purpose (unmedicated) you can feed to all poultry and waterfowl, except game birds, who need game bird feed. Young turkeys should have turkey starter, though. Give Layena, Sunfresh Layer, etc. when you see the first chicken egg.

    EDITED TO ADD: If you are worried about different ages and feed, just buy all purpose food.
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