When to get turkey?


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Oct 1, 2007
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So if, we wanted to get raise a turkey for thanksgiving... when would we need to get it? And what kind of area does a turkey need? Tom or hen? Or both? Thanks, Suz

Such an ironic question as I have a wild flock of about 40 turkeys that lives on and around my property, but don't have my hunting license.
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We ordered ours last year from Cackle. We got them June 15. they were BB Bronze when we did the deed on November 15 it weighed in clean at 28.5 lbs. That was one hugh turkey just barely fit into the oven but what a meal. we plan on ordering again this year. It was a hen that we had. but you order straight run if I remember rightly Micki
I would say first week of july then, I have a roaster that I do my thanksgiving bird in, and 24 lber was almost too big, I would think that a Tom would have been even more.
Wow, I had no idea they grew so fast!!!

What kind of area did you keep them in? Can they be kept with chickens??

And what's the best kind??
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I kept mine in this pen . They had a feeder inside. The water was kept outside. I kept them away from the chickens because of the different feed required. The turkeys were in this pen from start to finish. It has worked well for me. I have red broilers in their now.
If you want to feed a large group of people go with the BBW or the BBB. I like the BBB because they seem to look cleaner than the white ones.
Last year I raised some Black Spanish. The taste was great. Just not as much meat.
Wow, that's a great pen. And I am assuming they couldn't fly out? How much space for one turkey do you think? Or are they social and you have to get more than one?
They were to heavy to fly as adults. When they were young one would try and get out, but the fence was a little high. I always get animals in pairs if I can. When I raise mine I also raise one for someone else (neighbor kid, mother-in-law ..etc). I tend to think they do better in a group.
As far as the space required, I try and give as much room as I can get. The space is usually controlled by how long the panels are that I am working with.

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