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when should i help the chick out of the eggs they are starting to pip but not getting any were they are ducks turkeys and chickens they are pipping now and due date is firday thank you for your advice paul
I didn't help a couple and wish I did. The humidity must not have been high enough because the one had dried out around its face and then died. I will help after 24 hrs for now on if the chick is not making progress.
With chicks I wait until around 18-20 hours after external pip before I think of helping. I recently had a chick start zipping 19 hours after external pip, so it's best to give them as much time as possible before intervening. This article explains the assisting process, when and how to, very well:


Ducklings take much longer than chicks to hatch, on average they can take 24 hours from internal to external pip, another 24 hours from external pip to zipping, followed by a few more hours zipping and finally completing the hatch. Some take much longer than that though. I've had a duckling once take 4 days from pip to completing the hatch. So again, give them as long as possible before intervening.

I've not hatched any turkeys yet, so I can't give you a time frame there, but ask in the Turkeys section what the members there's experience has been. Best of luck with your hatch(es)!
thank you all i did wait 24 hours to help and saved 4 ducks shell had cracked but on helping found the inner skin was like rubber i had trouble with it but i now have five young ducks just have to see how many are female ? all turkey eggs were clear i do not candle the eggs thanks again paul
The chick needs carbon dioxide build up to activate the pipping action. Has it pipped the entire way round or is there just a single hole. If it is just a hole has been more than a day and the membrane has dried out carefully remove shell help the chicks head out and let it do the rest.

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