When to help???

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6 Years
Jul 17, 2013
My chicks started pipping last night around 11:30. There isn't any progress 12 hours later. Do I start to help them? Humidity is at 70% and I still hear peeps coming from the egg. Ugh, do I help or not?
I think you'll get advice from both sides of the isle, on his one.
In the past, I used to help. I killed as many as I saved and wondered if they might have been better off, without my "help".
I don't help anymore. I've seen hatches, that in the past, I would have stepped in on, turn out just fine. I definitely wouldn't help in less than 24 hours. I've had chicks take almost 48 hours after a pip, to get out of the shell. If they don't make it, I figure its the process of natural selection and the offspring of the ones that do make it, will be less likely to inherit the hatching problem.
Just my opinion.

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