When to introduce chicks to the rest of the flock

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Nov 28, 2017
Canberra Australia
Hello, my broody Iridescence hatched 6 chicks 7 days ago and they are with mama in a separate small coop (mommy is doing an excellent job and they are all well).
I have a question: when can I introduce them to the rest of the flock, i.e. at what age is best to place them with the other hens?
I don't have rosters but 2 other hens Epitome V nice & super curious and Velociraptor very bossy who hates being touched.
Sorry but this is my first experience with chicks.
Thank you!
Best to introduce young.Not a big threat,and the mother also introduces them gradually.Letting them walk and be free range with the other two will help her introduce them gradually,all should be supervised.As hens get older most of the time their pretty easy on chicks.Giving light pecks or just hard enough pecks on the backs to assure they know who is boss.Some how ever could careless,especially young pullets.
Thank you both @TheTwoRoos and @lazy gardener.

The two hens Epitome and Velociraptor are in a free-range fenced area.
I can let Iridescence back in with the chicks for a bit while I am around and I can supervise.
By sooner you mean I could do it now that the chicks are 1 week old?
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Yes my broody attaches severl hens and had to shuffle her way back into the pecking order.When she got too caught up in attacking a hen,she wouldn’t stop until my rooster split it up.
I came early tonight, so I tried.
Not very successful.
Velociraptor was in the coop laying an egg, so I took advantage of not having her around and managed to get Iridescence and the 6 chick in with Epitome.

Immediately Des attacked Tomi. And i had to shoo them away.
Tomi backed off but being curious she came back and pecked one chick not in a mean or violent way but still.
I then shooed Tomi off.
They kept ignoring each other until at some point Des attacked again Tomi.

So I decided to bring Des and the chicks back out befote Raptor came out of the coop.

I might wait a bit until Des becomes less protective.
You WANT your broody to be protective. The ideal chick integration happens when the chicks are less than 2 weeks old. That's when Mama Broody's hormones are at their highest and she is most likely to kick the butt of anyone who messes with her babies. Of course, if the attacked biddy has no where to retreat to, things could be dicey. Integrating in an area that is too small is a recipe for ugliness. That's why many of us integrate when birds are free ranging. ie: Not in an enclosed run.

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