When to introduce new chicks with older one

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Snafut2, Jul 5, 2016.

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    Aug 30, 2015
    Can I put 18 week old chicken's in with my older Rooster and Hen? Not sure when I should introduce them, I've read 18 weeks but just not sure....need info or help.
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    [​IMG] Yes you can. You can put them together when their as young as 6 weeks. They will be fine. BTW, love you avatar!
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    It really depends but 18 weeks is a good age. They are nearly full size. Ive found that size and fear are the biggest leading factors to integration problems.

    Introduction in the evening or night is usually preferable. Letting them eat and free range together during supervised visits is also good.

    Typically the younger birds will be wary or even frightened by the more established birds. You never know how the older birds will react to having "their" space invaded. Also the more times that birds are introduced and changed around the more likely the older birds will simply take it all in stride. Give the new birds every advantage possible. Give them the coop and/or run to themselves for a while before returning the older birds if possible. Give them all a treat like melon or fresh vegetable scraps. The rooster will more than likely see the new ones as his and will likely try to "have" them at first opportunity and will likely break up squabbles. Roosters usually make integration pretty easy unless you are adding more males. Non combative breeds tend to get bullied by more assertive ones. But in general integration is a mixed bag. Some general rules

    Do'nt rescue the victim, isolate the aggressor.
    Give the new birds every advantage
    Night time integration works better
    Let them free range together and get to know one another through fences before complete integration.
    Large size differences lead to fear and fear invites bullying.
    Food is a good bonding activity

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