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May 25, 2013
I am currently "chicken sitting" for my mother. I have her two bantams. When can I introduce them into my flock (6 hens). They seem so small compared to my girls. But life would be so much "nicer" if they could all be together.

My girls....

Mom's two...


Thanks so much!!!
The method I would use is have them in a cage or partitioned off part of the run for a few days, the let them free range with the rest. With the large space when they free range they can get away from the ones pecking them. Leaving them sleep in the separate area for a few more. If all is going well after that they can be put together to sleep in the same coop. If they are going back to mom"s soon I wouldn't bother.
Thank you so much! They will be with me for a while.... Due to family medical situations...
I have sectioned off one end of the run and set them up temporary housing. I may leave them in this set up for a few days/week? They are so hard to catch... And we're previously housed in my bird aviary... I am hoping I can make this area "home" so that when I do let them out, they will come back??? I am so worried they will run off if I let them free range with my girls. Any and all advice greatly appreciated....
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My coops are two story....
bottom area is open ... and
covered with chicken wire...

I put new hens in these coops and
keep them closed... the other hens
run about the chicken run and can
see and interact with the cooped

after a week or so, I open the door
on the bottom of the coop... the
hens come in to eat the feed of
the cooped hens and they interact

the cooped hens come out - and,
if they feel threatened, they can
run back inside....

each time I do this, they all seem
to get along just fine

hope your bantams transition well
Being kept in a coop for a few days to a week resets where home is for most chickens. The period of see but no touch during the introduction serves that propose well.
Her little rooster is a hoot! He will not let me touch him.... And makes the funniest noises! I will post pics of the housing arrangements as soon as possible.
Have had them in a pen right next to my girls run and coop for about two weeks. Tried to turn then all out yesterday to free range... And it didn't go so well. My girls went after him. Looked like they were trying to attack him.... Any advise????
If they all went after him then you might want to try a phased introduction. Where you put them with him one at a time. How did they act towards the hen?
The kinda I gonered her... They were to focused on him. I have put them back in the side by side pens for now... And have a small wire cage I put the two in while I was cleaning pens the other day....

I may try just him and one of my girls this afternoon when I get home....
Thank you!!!!

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