When to let babies range outside?


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
Vancouver Island
I have two six-week-old Lavender Orpingtons in a brooder with three two-week-old chicks. The brooder is hovering around 80 under the lights and just over room temperature on the cooler end. Do I have to gradually expose the chicks to cooler temps before letting them outside? It's calm and sunny out right now, but still only around 45-50 degrees. I'd love to bring the two older ones outside even just for a few minutes, but is going from the warm brooder to the cool outside liable to just shock them? If so, I'll just wait a few weeks until it's warmed up here some. It shouldn't be too long now. I'm itching to watch them outside though!
Well it would be ok to let 3-4 week old outside for a little while, like 5-7 minutes, when it is that cool outside. You just have to watch them and make sure that they are not too cold and that they do not stray off.

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