When to move from brooder to secure coop & run?

heartwork city

In the Brooder
May 12, 2015
Central Coast, CA
Hi! I'm brand new here and new to chickens! I have (6) varied breed laying hens...around 3 weeks old. Living in CA we have mild weather temps. I'm trying to figure out when to move the girls to our ultra max security run and coop? We are out of town in 3 weeks and was hoping to move them in time for the house sitter to care for them. Suggestions? I think they're going to outgrow their pen.
If they are going to be the only ones in that coop they can go out along with the heat source now. They will enjoy the extra room. I raise all my chicks outside from day one. If you have other older chickens then you need to partition some space for them.

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