When to move them outside, and where to put them?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by shelleyd2008, May 16, 2010.

  1. shelleyd2008

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I have 3 blue slate poults that are either 3 or 4 weeks old. I know they are too young to go out right now, but I"m sure it won't be long before they need to get the boot [​IMG]

    So how old do they need to be before I can move them outside? What kind of pen do they need to be in?
  2. OmaBird

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    May 10, 2010
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    I get mine use to the outside as soon as the weather allows. I love this time of year for that. At just a few days old, if the weather is nice, I take them outside. I use a 180 gallon tub with a hardwire cover and shade for half the tub. This keeps them out of the wind so they do not chill. I think the sun helps them. They grow fast and feather out nice. My nights are still cold so they go inside in the evening.
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    Everyone seems to have their own practices. To be sure your climate plays a role but in general poults will not be ready for permanent outdoor life until they are feathered out at 8 weeks or so. Even at that age they need to be protected from getting wet and /or chilled so providing a covered coop with a heat lamp at least at night is a very good idea. Also although they grow pretty big by 8 weeks the immune systems are still pretty fragile so keep a close eye on them, particularly if you know they did get a little chill or wet.

    Getting them outside on warm days prior to 8 weeks in a partially covered area may be good for them, I don't know. Keep in mind no matter how vigorous they look they will be highly susceptable to illness, particularly if exposed to dirt or vegetation other poultry have frequented. At this age chickens are much tougher birds.
  4. Steve_of_sandspoultry

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    Quote:I agree, even in this time of year when it is warming up fast ours don't see the outside until close to 3 months old. A cold/wet poult equals a dead poult in pretty short order.

  5. OmaBird

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    May 10, 2010
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    I would love to see your set up for keeping turkeys indoors for 3 months. Any photos? I always heard how important Vitamin D from sunlight was so important to turkeys. More so than chickens. Is this the turkeys that your broodies are raising that you talked about in your other post?
  6. tony garza

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    Feb 21, 2010
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    I live in Tx and the weather is great now. I moved all my turkeys to the barn at 4 weeks old. Of course they have a lamp at night. I built some 3X3 pens with a hinged top for them. From there at about 6 to 8 weeks old, they go to a 4X10 cover pen with no light at night. Haven't lost any so far. Now that I said that, watch me lose a bunch.


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