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5 Years
Aug 6, 2014
I have 3 chicks and 3 hens. My chicks are now 9 weeks old and they are outside now separate from the hens. Whenever we try to bring one of the chicks out, they immediately get pecked, and I mean immediately. They still have their little chick cluck, and all their feathers, but I'm worried they will get hurt. When do I put them together?

Help please!
Try putting them together in the same coop but with a barrier. We put our metal dog crate inside of our coop to get them comfortable. This way they can all see and get used to each other, but not hurt each other, and they all have access to food and water. We did that for about a week and a half then we started slowly letting the littles range with the bigs for very short periods (they mostly stay separate anyway). After that, we began just leaving the crate door open and eventually took the crate out and they figured it out! About a 3 weeks process total, but everything went swimmingly. Just be sure that you do expect some pecking order business, but don't intervene unless it gets bad, it is nature after all.

I realize you may not have room for a dog crate with only 2 birds, but the same principal will apply with any separating device!
Agreed let them see each other through a wire separation for a while. You may have to wait a couple more weeks to allow them to mingle. Also when you put them together put all the pullets in with the hens at the same time. That spreads the pecking out to a more manageable level. There will be pecking it is a natural thing that establishes the "Pecking Order". As long as there is no blood leave it go.
I do the same as Denn. I have also let a broody watch over them as she protects them from too much pecking. I recently added six chicks to my broody and she won't let the other hens near 'her' babes. Sometimes I even get too close. OUCH!
To clarify: we have the chicks in a large enclosing outside with chicken wire and a barrier of chicken wire at night. So they are seeing each other but go at each other when they are out
A good age to let them together is12 to14 weeks old. They will be much bigger and more able to either take the pecking or run away. A few things in the to break the lines of sight or for them to hide behind or get up on will also help.

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