When to open the nests?

#1California Chick

11 Years
Dec 5, 2008
SF Bay Area
I have 9 19-week pullets. Some of them have red combs and wattles and some don't. No one has started squating yet.

When do I remove the covering over my nest boxes?? My roosts are higher than the nests and on a different wall.

Do I just wait until one of them lays an egg in the coop or run?

What do you suggest?
as soon as i put my girls outside i had my nests open with golf balls in them to let them know where to lay and so that they got comfortable in them
Any other thoughts?? I didn't want them to sleep in the nests?

But if they are going to lay in the next 2 to 6 weeks, is now the time to open the nests?

thanks for your thoughts!
I would add a golf ball and open them now

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