When to remove from bator to brooder?

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    We have our first eggs in the bator. They're doing well.

    When they hatch, at which point do you remove the chicks from the bator to the brooder? Out of 3 eggs we set in the mini-bator, at first it looked like all 3 were developing, but 1 of them has dudded-out at 1 week. When they do hatch, do you wait until everybody hatches? What if you have a bigger bator? We were just blessed with a large bator similar to the Reptipro 5000 & we want to try a large hatch here in a few weeks. DH is building an awesome brooder & we just were wondering at which point do we move the chicks from the incubator/hatcher to the brooder?

    Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Quote:You willwant to wait until all eggs that are going to hatch do so.. Chicks absorb the yolk and can survive up to 72 hours after hatch without food/water... If it gets to a point where you NEED to take the chicks out, take the bator into a steamy bathroom, take the chicks out and put them in the brooder.. Only do this if it is absolutely necessary.. Make sure the chicks are dry before you remove them in any case...

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    Once they all hatch, then you should put them into the brooder. but first make sure they are all alive, happy, healthy, dry, walking, seeing, and peeping! :)
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    I remove chick within the first 24 hrs after they dry off, so they can drink asap....with the cheap steroform ones temp tales a long time to recover temp and humdity , so try not to open it must.

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