When to remove paper towels from top of pine shavings?


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So I have be told that for chicks it is a good idea to put a layer of paper towels on top of the pine shavings so that they don't eat the pine shavings. When do u guys think they will be old enuff to remove the paper towels?
I never did right from the start. My chicks found there food and water in 2 seconds. Show each one where the food and water is and they are good to go. They all follow each other usually. When one eats the rest of them eat....
Ya mine have found the food and water they have have been eating and drinking for 2 days now. It's just a huge hassle changing the paper towels cus they get so dirty so fast.
I used to use the puppy training pads in the bottom of our brooder. I loved those. If their feet got wet from the water, the pads absorbed it so they wouldn't be walking around in wet bedding. We changed the pad 3 times a day. However shavings are good. I am doing that this year. I figured its cheaper to go with the shavings, my dad brought up all of his chicks on shavings.
I use paper towels on shavings for when they just hatched. In four days it's mostly torn up. In seven days I'm due for a cleaning and have never added more paper towels.

Reason I use it in the fist place is for a more level footing when they are so fragile at hatch and to keep the water clean as it sits right on the bedding. Once I clean the brooder the first time I place the water fountain on a block of wood to elevate it some in attempt to keep clean. The chicks have grown quite a bit in that first week, are very agile and active then, and the brooder is in need of a cleaning.
I did paper towels over pine shavings for the first 3 days, then I took them out. They did fine. They love the shavings because they can scratch around in it.

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