When to return ex-sick chicken to flock?

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    Mar 7, 2013
    Think she had an upper resp. infection. She is done with her Tylan 50 regime, and looking much more like herelf, although still having tar-like poo every once in a while (about 4-6 per day). When can I return her to the flock? Are those tar poos something to worry about? It's about freezing outside, is it an okay time to return her out there?
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    The tar-like poop doesn't sound like a problem and is nothing to worry about, it's probably cecal poop,which happens every 6-10 droppings. Here's a useful link: http://pluckandfeather.com/chicken-poo-chart-graphic.html. If she seems better you should reintroduce her back into the flock, but be aware that she might not be met with much enthusiasm from the flock. When I first introduced my hen back to the flock after she had been better, they started beating her up under a bush, I quickly got her away from the flock members. I tried again the next day and this time they only gave her a few disciplinary pecks and she was back in the group, though with the lowest status.
    When introducing her to the flock just be wary if she gets attacked too much, a little fighting is normal (there shouldn't be any serious fights, but if there is then separate them immediately). Good luck! [​IMG]

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