When to separate roosters?


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Jul 27, 2013
I have currently have 3 roosters (out of 10 chickens). They are around 11 weeks old and grew up together. We got them at 2 weeks old, and hand raised them. They are currently all in a large run with a large coop.

So far only one of the roosters (a white leghorn bantam) has shown any violence, and because of his small size, he didn't accomplish much, other than pull a few feathers off a hen (who then turned around and pinned him down for a few seconds).

The leghorn and the rhode island red rooster have had face-offs as well. During this they freeze, staring at each other, and puff out the feathers on their necks, and mimic each other's head movements. They do not touch one another, but they do sometimes end the face-off with one chasing the other. I have not seen this behavior in a few weeks, so maybe it was just a faze to see where they ranked.?

Those two, are most likely ranked below the largest rooster, a black maran mix. He is very calm and doesn't get into any arguments. I believe this is because he, and all the other chickens, know that he is in charge, so he is never confronted.

I am curious in knowing when I should be separating the 3 boys.

Thank You!
It depends. You don't really need to separate them unless they start fighting too roughly (drawing blood, picking on one bird mercilessly, etc.), or you simply want them separate. In my experience, roosters can live together happily as long as they are either alone, or with enough hens to share.

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