when to seperate from mom?


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Apr 2, 2011
i hatched chicks mother nature's way and i'm wondering when i should seperate them from the mom. they are almost fully feathered except for certain parts on the back and they are just getting feathers on the head. they are too big to fit under her and she just laid and egg today. she is also starting to peck at them a little when she would usually give them the bugs she finds she doesn't do it as much now. they are about a month and a week old.
Mama is seperating herself from them, with her pecking and such. I'd let her handle it.

ETA: If you are needing to seperate them from her and her flock - to sell, send to another coop, whatever, then they are plenty old enough @ 5 weeks old.
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so they would be ok to combine with my other flock? the chicks are all bantams and my other flock is all large birds. as long as they are lose in the back yard the two flocks get along but will they be more agressive together in the big coop?
You might have some pecking issues trying to combine them with another flock in another coop. Mama hens are usually pretty good about protecting the chicks from bullying, but are less and less likely to be as the chicks get older.
Yes, layer feed has too much calcium in it for young chickens. It can harm their kidneys.

I feed a flockraiser type feed to the whole flock. It is appropriate for all ages. I just offer oyster shell on the side for my laying hens calcium needs.

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