when to seperate mama hen from babies?

Wyo Chick

11 Years
Aug 20, 2008
Statesville, North Carolina
When is it okay to remove turkey hen from her babies? She is so darn mean I can't get in there to look at them. The babies are 4 weeks old. I'm afraid they will be as mean as her if I don't seperate them. Oh by the way, does anyone in north carolina want a royal palm turkey henf?
I just seperated mine at 2 weeks old and they are doing great! Of course this is my first go round with baby turkeys, but I don't see how it would be any differant than if you had raised them from a bator. Our mama hen was really upset for the first day but she has calmed down and just hangs out by her poults new brooder hutch.
Is she mean because she is protecting them? You can seperate them at any time. Depending on the weather you may need to supply some heat if it's cool or wet.

We have 2 White Holland hens brooding some now, 10 hollands and 3 royal palms. the hollands are about a month old and the rp's a little over a week. I was kind of worried about the size difference but it was been working out fine. we put the rp's in with them as day olds, and wouldn't you know it since then it has rained just about every day. How does the weather know?????? Those 2 hens don't like me going in to feed and water, they hiss and fluff up but I just move slow and talk to them as I go.

Steve in NC

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