When to start lockdown?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by CammieSilkie, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I am in a bit of a pickle. When my silkies go broody I just let them sit on their eggs and whip up a batch of chickies without me having to do anything, so the last time i used my bator was over a year ago. Well, one of my chickens decided to quit on her eggs who-knows how many days in, so i cleaned up my bator and put em in. Well, even despite mommy hen not sitting on them for half a day, all is swell except for the fact i have no clue how old the eggs are. I candled them, and they could be anywhere from probably 16-20 days. I can't even remember when i put them in the incubator, but it would have to have been before the 9th. probably. i can post pictures of one of them candled, if that would help.. but i really just need to know when would be a good time to start lockdown. You bust up the humidity and don't turn the eggs during that time, right? [​IMG] is it even called lockdown ??Lol
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    It's called lockdown and probably won't hurt to kick up humidity a little earlier if you don't know how long they've been growing. Also, I would slow down turning but continue to do so perhaps a 1/4 turn twice a day so if they're getting ready to pip they won't be too disoriented. I hatched eggs that weren't turned after the first week.

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