When to switch feed


9 Years
May 5, 2010
I have 15 meat chicks that are two weeks old today. I bought a 50lb bag of chick starter and think that I should pick up anohter one this weekend as it is getting low.
My question is should i buy another bag of chick starter or should i be moving on to chick grower? If i should buy the grower should i mix it with the remaining starter?

I weighted a few of my chicks on day 11 and a few were 10.75oz, 9.7oz , 8oz. They are now almost completely feathered. Do they seem to be gaining the right amount of weight? 16oz is 1lb so i thought they were doing fine but this is my first time growing them.

Any advice woudl be great.....also what week should i be putting them on the finisher? I am aiming for 8 weeks to start processing.

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