When to worm goats?


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I have 4 registered Nubian goats and all 3 of my does are bred. One is supposed to kid in February and the other two are supposed to kid in March. I will be milking them as soon as they kid and bottle feeding the babies. I need to know when the doe will stop producing colostrum and start producing regular milk. I wormed them with safeguard worming pellets just before they were bred. Also my buck needs to be wormed. So my question is what would be the best time to worm them. I know some people worm them the day after they kid I was thinking about worming them then. I have a bottle of valbazen. Would this be the best wormer to give them after they kid. What is the period of time that I would not be able to drink the milk. Also I have heard that you aren't supposed to give this wormer does in lactation is this true?
Honestly, it seems each herd is unique and worming should be on an as needed basis. I bet people more experienced than me will suggest getting a fecal test run to see what your goats may have and how much of a parasite load they have. Worming when not necessary is what leads to parasites building up resistance to the drugs.
I've usually heard the standard that worming in the Spring After the Last frost & in the Fall After the First Frost. Their theory is that you worm them to so they start the Spring/Summer Healthier & you worm them in the Fall so they're healthier to be in better condition to keep their weight up during the cold winter months. Worming each time with the typical initial worming, then another worming 14days later.


Yep after a fecal is done.....to see if they have worms and need treatment.

If they need to be wormed I would do another dose 10-14 days later. A lot of the time the wormer kills the live worms but not the ones that have not hatched yet.

You can check out www.backyardherds.com also which is a sister site to this site.....they have a goat section.

Good luck!
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A fecal float is a great idea but it won't show up liver flukes. Valbazen is a great dewormer for them. If you're not sure if your area has liver flukes ask the nearest neighbor that butchers any cattle, goats, or deer about their livers. Also liver flukes are much more common in areas with wetlands, rivers, ponds or lakes. If in doubt deworm and repeat in exactly 14 days.
I was told both by the breeder i got mine from and a friend who raises goats, to worm when the inside of their eyelid gets pale.
I wormed my buck with Valbazen saturday. When the does kid I will see about wormimg them. They look really fat and healthy so they shoudnt need to be wormed till then.

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