When will I get eggs? (and nesting box/coop question)

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    Nov 11, 2012
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    I have 3 Plymouth barred rocks, 1 easter egger, and 1 silkie bantam (which may or may not be a roo, I can't tell yet, but it hasn't tried to crow).
    They were born November 5, 2012 and I ordered them as day old chicks.
    We have been anticipating eggs, and it feels like forever!
    I have been looking online and the time frame given for laying eggs was anywhere from 16 weeks to 24 weeks and said it varies by breed.
    Any idea when mine may start laying???

    Also, we just ordered some more day old chicks due here by the end of the week. I'm not sure how many will live (we lost quite a few out of the first batch), but we could potentially have a total of 9 regular sized hens and up to 4 silkie bantams (they are straight run and we will have to give away any roo's to a farm per our city ordinance). Right now we have a coop we purchased online that has 2 large nesting boxes, a little indoor area to rest with a perch, then a door that leads down little steps to a pen which is under the coop. We usually let the chickens run around the backyard during the day and seal them in at night. We are putting a 12x12 fenced in area around the coop so they can come and go into that as they please. How many more nesting boxes will we need for more chickens and will we need an additional coop?

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    16 to 24 weeks sounds about right, so you may get eggs soon or may not get them until later in March. Also, if you don't give them supplemental light, they may not start laying until the daylight hours increase.

    A good rule for nest boxes is one box for every four hens. I tend to give them more like one box for every three hens, but my girls tend to play favorites and all want to wait in line for the 'best' next box, LOL.

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