When will I know if I have roosters out of my 3?


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
San Martin, California
I have 3 chickens that I got as itty bitty chicks. I think they are about 3 months old now. I want to know how I can tell if I possibly got a rooster out of the three:) Will I be able to way to be able to tell this young? Also- I posted concerns about my chickens health last week in the disease section.... two of my chickens have Mareks(I think) but I gave them Hypericum for a week now- they are completely back to normal! They were paralyzed and even their wings were affected. Now you would never even know they were like that. When can I put them back with the other chick? I'm new at raising chickens but I love them!
What breed are the three chicks? At three months you should be able to tell by who has the biggest and reddest combs and wattles. Big, red combs and wattles signal a cockerel. Pullets' combs and wattles mature slower.
Yeah, those sound like cockerels
Well, my kids will be thrilled but my husband will probably make me take them back. The guy that sold them to me said he would take any cockerels back if we did not want them. Are you familiar with Mareks disease at all? I can post a new question in the disease section I guess:)

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