When will my chicken eggs hatch? And can I move her and her eggs ?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by karlamaria, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    I put 12 eggs under my broody on the second of this month, when will I expect them to hatch? Can I move her and the eggs now and put her in the large dog carrier so she and babies are safe from other chickens for a few days? Or is this not recommended? I want my mommy wchicken to keep all her babies together until all the eggs hatch, I put 8 eggs under her around 6:00 pm September 2nd, and the very next morning added 4 more eggs . I know the 4 may hatch out a day later but my mind is not working to good tonight and I can not remember if they hatch out on Saturday or Sunday this week. She is an awesome broody, and those eggs are real warm. She hatched out 2 eggs in the spring and has been non stop broody so I let her have more eggs, I have a gal taking them from me a few days after they hatch and the mommy to sp she can raise them . She has a wonderful heated coop so mommy and babies will be fine . This gal is so broody I get maybe 10 eggs and she is back in broody mode, I'm not getting eggs from her most of the time, and as much as I have tried to break broodiness in her, after a week she is back at it again. The gal who is taking her is going to raise up 2 EE's for me from these eggs so I can have 2 girls to replace the mommy and chicks so I do not have to deal with my girls picking on the chicks when mommy stops wanting to be mommy and leaves them to fend for them selves like she did with the last 2. With long winters here I do not want any more chicks or pullets to separate from the big girls. In the spring I can do this until there used to each other. I have a wonderful crate for mommy and chicks so she can be in lock down until the late eggs hatch, but is it to late to move her? Not sure if eggs are due tomorrow or Sunday . Any help would be appreciated much . My other broody also has eggs under her. She was given eggs one week later on Sunday. She is less broody and she will stay and the chicks will go also to the same gal.
    Can these chicks go in with chicks one week older? Or is that not possible? Do you think the mama broody that is going with the first batch will adopt the younger batch?
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    Eggs placed on the 2nd will hatch on the 23rd. Leave Mama and eggs where they are. Mama hens are very protective of their young and I've never had any of the other chickens mess with a Mama or her chicks. Mama hens can get real ugly with the other birds when they come too close.

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