When will my chickens start roosting?

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    I blocked at night and left open during day for weeks. This does keep them cleaner but eventually I unblocked and what do you know poopy mats again in my boxes. I’m not sure this can correct their desire to sleep in them or poop in them. So I think I need to and now have time to place a roof over the nesting boxes because my three are open at top with just dividers so if I roof them slanted at top then how high should front be for ease of use? I may have to do both roof on boxes and blocking at night again.
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    The main times you have problems with them sleeping in them is if there is a problem with the roost. The roost may not be higher than the boxes, that will do it. The roost might not be comfortable. There might not be enough roost space for their liking. Or there might be bullies keeping certain hens away from the roost and they're uncomfortable.
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    Yeah I think my problem is the bully. The one that's sleeping on the ledge in front of the nest boxes is the smallest of the three. She sleeps on the end as close to the roost as she can.

    I plan on redoing the roost. It will have more room and also be farther away from the nest boxes. I think that might solve the problem.
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