When will my Muscovy start sitting?


Jun 9, 2022
Arizona @ 3000 feet
I have three girls and I started out separating one of the ladies for about 10 days she laid 8 eggs. I also moved some eggs that were laid in the yard into her nest. I decided to separate the drake and put all the girls together now in one coup. The other two are now laying their eggs in the same nest as the first one.

The count today is 23 but, I haven't seen any of them getting broody yet. When do you think one of them will start stepping up to get things going? They are about 10 months old now. Is there any hope for these or should I just start collecting the eggs again.

Here what is was looking like a few days ago like I said there are a lot more now.
Do you really want 23 ducklings?
Muscovy are probably the fastest of all ducks to catch the broody hormone. That is the way it is here anyway.
I'd take out all really dirty eggs and toss. Then take a marker and mark the ones you want to leave for hatching All new eggs that get laid get removed unless after 7 days no one has taken the broody bait. Then take all marked eggs and start fresh with the new ones they lay and start marking again. At 10 months they probably haven't been laying long? Mine don't start breeding or laying until after 9 months.
Well last night and tonight one of them decided to get broody. She only seems to be doing it at night. I guess since it is over 100 degrees in the daytime they should be fine.

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