when will she kid?

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    Nov 10, 2014
    I Have A Small 3 Year Old Pygmy Doe Named Trixy And She's pregnant. Unfortunately I Can't Figure Out When She's Going To Kid. She Has Been Pregnant Twice Before But She Miscarried Twice Due To My Parents Boer Doe Head Butting Her In The Stomach. this Morning Is The First Time I Have Felt Her Baby Move And I Was Told That Once You Feel The Baby Move Then The Kidding Will Start In The Next Week Or So. My Question IS, This True Or Could It Tell Me How Far Along She Might Be?
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    Jan 19, 2011
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    When was she bred? Unless you have a veterinarian ultrasound her to see how far along the kids are, her breeding date is the only way you will know when she is due. Large breed goats have a gestation period of 150 days, 145 for the pygmies and Nigerians

    Whoever told you feeling kid movement means kidding in a week is wrong. You can feel the flutter of kids several months before kidding. It gets easier as the pregnancy progresses and the kids are larger, though. I tend to start feeling the kids moving around the third month of pregnancy. Goats are pregnant for five months.

    As for her miscarriages, have you separated her from the boer doe so she cannot be struck again? And are you certain it was because of trauma? Goats can miscarry for many reasons, and while certainly bullies can cause other goats to miscarry, that might not be the case with your doe. Nutritional deficiencies, diseases (like toxoplasmosis), and genetic defects can all cause kid loss.

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