When will they hatch?


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10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
We have 19 Brown leghorn eggs in the incubator and yesterday was their hatching day. One did hatch and that's it. We do see movement from the other eggs every now and then and 2 have small holes in them (one for about 20 hours now and the other since last night). This is our first time incubating and we are really nervous. Is it normal for them to take this long? Should I be worried or do anything? PLEASE HELP......
My last one didn't hatch till day 27....so....have fun waiting ! LOL....I know it's hard but it seems like sometimes they just don't wanna come out when you think they are supposed to....
Thanks for the answers. Yesterday one more hatched, today another one started to hatch another one is trying to hatch for 2 days now. We were already panicking because we though we did something wrong.


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