When will they lay? Born around June 1st

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    Apr 3, 2013
    I have three new girls. They were hatched the last week of May about. I brought them home on June 1st and they were about a week old. There is one black laced Wyandotte and two EEs. When will they start to lay about? As of now they are not doing the submission squat. Thank you.
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    Depending on where you got them, anywhere from 1-2 months from now. 18 weeks old is about the youngest a chicken will lay eggs if they came from a hatchery (will often lay early because of selective breeding). Wyandottes and EEs may be as late as 22-24 weeks old. My 19 week old chickens hatched 5th of may started laying two days ago at 18-19 weeks old. This will vary greatly depending on the quality of feed and light/environment they are exposed to. As an example, I gave 2 pullets to my parents with similar parentage to the ones i kept, they look like they are about 1 month away from laying eggs based on the color and development of their comb - they had access to more cracked corn and layer feed instead of a high protein grower feed.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I'd expect eggs in the month of November (probably early November). Chickens will usually begin laying between 5-7 months old. Fast maturing hybrids or Leghorns often take a shorter time, and larger, slower maturing breeds like Brahmas will take longer. My Wyandottes started laying when they were just under five months old. My Easter Egger started when she was just over five months old. Your birds may lay sooner, or later. It's hard to tell for sure, since so many conditions can affect it.

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