WHEN will they start laying? Is this normal?


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May 13, 2009
We adopted six 10-month-old hens one week ago and so far only the Ameracauna is laying regularly (unless someone else is also mysteriously laying green eggs). Someone else has laid 3 shell-less eggs. Since increasing oyster shell, giving cottage cheese, no eggs whatsoever (except the green ones). Is there anything else we can do, besides wait?? They supposedly all laid 3-5x/week at former home. How long can a transition take? Just want to be sure we;re doing everything we can. Thanks!

p.s. I've hunted through the bushes/anywhere else they might be laying, haven't found any, and we've been outside with them the whole time they're free-ranging so far.
Sometimes after a move or big change, it can take up to a month to start laying again. I got a hen once, it laid an egg the first day, then not again for a month, and it would lay the shell less ones, rubber eggs i called it. But after a month, she was laying again.
What kind of chickens are the others?
Good luck!
A month--ok, phew. I just need to relax, I think
The others are 1 RI Red, 1 Lakenvelder, 1 Wellsummer, 1 Silver-laced Wyandotte (who I think is the rubber-egg layer), and 1 black/green girl with a big comb, white ears and blue legs...not sure what her breed is.
Thanks! One week to the day and the rubber-egg layer was sitting on our first (well, HER first, give her credit where credit's due!) solid egg! Woohoo! And now they're all out in the yard enjoying watermelon
I agree with the other posts. It could be a month or more before they start laying, maybe sooner. Chickens need time to adjust to changes. Be patient.

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