When's a Good Time ti Get Duccklings?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by BarredRocks3, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Aug 1, 2013
    New Hampshire
    I live in Southern New Hampshire and I plan to get ducklings. I want to get two blue swedish hen and one blue swedish drake. When would it be the best time of the year to get my ducklings? I wanted to add them to my flock of chickens ounce they're fully grown or should I add them sooner? I also have a rooster, would he attack them or leave them alone?
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    It's up to the rooster, but it is good you know that is a possibility. I feel introductions are best when the littles are as tall as adults. Time next to each other on opposite sides of the fence to start, then supervised time together.

    I tried to time the arrival of ducklings about 10 weeks before the weather would be easy enough on them. We were off by a few weeks for a couple of reasons, but it mostly worked out.

    Water management is crucial - many of us have posted the question, "when can I move the ducklings outside, the brooder is a watery mess?" So make sure you have a good water setup for them and you can decide based on their readiness, not their messiness.
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    Jun 10, 2013
    i would wait a month befor i get any duckling or until it warms up and get them i like have my ducklings in the house i take them to the tub and to my living room to have some play time then back to the brooder and when it is warm i start taking them out alittle bit a day my ducklings never get board when i raise them

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