where can i find colobian rocks?

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  1. hi! me and Coretta are trying to make a new breed (or attemp to anyway) and i can't find any where that has colobian rocks, which is vital to make the best back yard bird! is there anywhere i can find, adults, hatching eggs, or chicks?
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    Try Yard full o' rocks here in Georgia he can help you with some hatching eggs! Great guy and family and great birds!
    Thanks and have a blessed day!
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    Colobian?? Never heard of those. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:I have to admit that a number of things came to mind, when I read the title of this thread. I don't think that I should post most of my thoughts here. [​IMG]
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    We have Columbian, Blue, Barred and Buff other than color there is so little difference between them I wouldn't say Columbian's are a must for a backyard flock...my blue's get more awes than the Columbian..which are nice [​IMG] I bought mine from Scott this Summer.

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