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Oct 11, 2008
I have 11 buff orpintons, 11 black autrolorps, 5 aracaunas that were purchased April 18, 2008 as 2 day old chicks (now 25 weeks), plus 3 Road Island Reds that were purchased April 25 as 2 day old chicks. (now 24 weeks) None of them have laid even one single egg and everywhere I look says different breeds start laying at different times. What I want to know is where can I find those times for the breeds I have?

Every chicken is different. Just because the average is 5-6 months, doesn't mean SOME won't wait until 8 months to lay. They'll do it when they're ready.

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I know that there are all kinds of factors that can cause a chicken to not start laying when they are supposed to. I'm just trying to find out when these particular breeds normally start laying. That way if they are way off from the norm I can try adjusting things that may help them. If there is something wrong that is causing all 30 of them to not start laying I may need to change something, but if these breeds lay later than others I'll know that I just need to be patient because of that. I can't find anywhere that gives more specific age ranges that laying starts as per the breed of chicken. If someone could direct me to where I could find that information I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

This link has a lot of really good comparison info, but I didn't see much on the time of maturity for each breed. Yours should have been, or will be very shortly, laying. Maybe just not old enough yet...

What are you feeding? Are you free ranging? Highly unusual for a whole flock to not be laying at all. Possibility that you have a predator that may have taken your first pullet eggs....rat or snake? Maybe one, or some, of your girls eat eggs?

I hate to ask this and forgive me if I offend...but are you sure you got hens?

(Psssssssst! That's Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons, Araucana and Australorps)
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Are you feeding them laying mash? I had a 9 month old New Hampshire pullet that I was wondering why she wouldn't lay, but then my mom-in-law told me to feed them laying mash, so we bought them some. A day later - an egg is in the run! You should feed them laying mash if you're not yet giving them.

But it maybe because of their age - some hens are tricky when they start laying eggs. You might need to wait some more before they start laying.

Here's a good site about hens' eggs:


Good luck and I hope you find out soon!
The amount of light they are getting could play a role. They need roughly 12-14 hours of light to lay. The stop/cut back on laying when the days become shorter--it is mother's natures way of giving them a break.
If your birds free-range you may not know if they've been laying. What are they eating at this time? I suspect your RIR's should be laying. Any sign of egg-laying behavior and combs/wattles turning red? Enhanced pecking order battles?
I agree with the other posts. Mine started at 17 weeks. The last to start laying was 27 weeks. Each bird is different. Could it be that they have found a spot you don't know about?

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