Where can I get a humidity reader?


8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
Milwaukie, Oregon
I have a homemade "cooler-bator" that I haven't yet used, all it's missing is a thermometer and a humidity reader or whatever you call them
I have some fertile eggs that i really want to try and incubate, but as I said the bator is not complete. For people who have homemade incubators, where so you buy a good thermometer and a humidity reader? I'm not looking to spend a fortune, I just want something that will be accurate and get the job done. Any ideas? I'm just itching to hatch some chicks
The digital one I bought from Wal-Mart locally while waiting for my incubator specific hygrometer that I ordered online, turned out to be more accurate when I calibrated them so check out Wal-Mart. Even out very small Wal-Mart had one with the outside thermometers.
I'm a big Wal-Mart thermometer/hygrometer fan, too. They have dual non-digital combos for under $3 that seem to be quite accurate. I compare all of the ones they have hanging on the hooks and choose the one that seems to represent the average or most common temp and humidity reading. So far, they've worked great for me.
Weighing in as a fan of the digital Acu-rite dual thermometer/hygrometer that you get at Wally World! I love how it tells you the daily highs and lows! I also use one in the enclosure I keep my snake in. I paid around $10.00
I would also like to say that I purchased a Fluker's Therm/Hygrometer pack with the 2 small round units at PetSmart for my snake and neither were anywhere near accurite, and we're more headache than anything else. The thermometer was always reading 10 degrees too high. The digital model from WalMart comes precalibrated and are less fuss for someone who's new to using them.

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