Where can I order fertile eggs


15 Years
Jan 13, 2008
Northern Nevada
We have a small Bard Rock who has gone broody for the first time and I'd love to order some fertile eggs for her. Can anyone suggest a website they've used before?
This website.

towards the bottom people sell hatching eggs. Also you can try your local Craigslist.
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You can use BackYard Chickens!
Like the poster above stated, towards the

bottom of the index there is a section for buying and selling. I would personaly

buy localy, as eggs that have been shipped usually have very low hatch rates,

and turn out having detached or messed up airsacs. Some people even receive

broken and cracked eggs. Look on craigslist, or ebays classifieds. Usually you

can find fertile eggs locally there. You could also look around at the local feed

store. Usually they have ads and papers hanging up. It's where I found my


Good luck!
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well im getting my first batch of eggs from my cousin she said she would sell me the fertlized eggs for only 2 dollors a dozen and its only a short drive for me to pick them up localy just check around thats how i found out she had chickens i didnt even know that she had them till i was asking her older brother if he knew anyone that had some eggs for sale or maybe even a rooster for my pullets that i could buy cheap

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